Your Loonie Goes Further When it Stays Close to Home

Small businesses, including locally owned franchises, make a BIG impact; from sponsoring community initiatives, to donating time and goods to local fundraisers, to bringing in specialty items for their customers. They give back to their communities in ways that multinational giants just don’t.

The money you spend locally is recirculated back into the community through things like wages for local workers, locally sourced goods and services, municipal taxes, and donations to local causes.

Loonies Spent at Multinationals Fly Away, and They Don’t Come Back

When small businesses thrive, they channel their success back into the community. Because of this, every dollar spent at a local small business is six times more impactful in the local economy than the same amount spent at a multinational.*
* Source: CFIB, Small Business, Big Impact: Small Retailers’ Local Contributions, October 2023. Research report sponsored by Scotiabank, in partnership with LOCO BC.

Business Owner Resources

Are you a small business owner or an organization that supports small business? Check out some of the ways you can get involved with our #SmallBusinessEveryDay initiative.  

Thank you for keeping your loonie local
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